Video Marketing Basics:4 Tips To Advertise Your Videos On Social Sites

Social media advertising works. Point blank. But most people work social sites with the wrong mindset. Facebook is not a broadcasting station. LinkedIn is not a one way street. Twitter is not a podium. Get on the two way street bandwagon. Social media works great for marketing your videos if you give freely before taking. Think sowing before reaping. The more you help other people grow their businesses and get page views the more other people will help you grow your business and get pages views. What you put out on a persstent basis comes back multiplied, in an amazing way.

Your videos can go viral if you hit social sites on a persistent basis. A few people share your video on twitter, the right network picks it up and you are all set. Or maybe some Facebook friends share your video to the right power broker, who shares it to their network. Viral videos are possible if you put out a fab product and promote the video steadily on all possible social sites.

Become an expert on one social media website but use a series of sites to connect with individuals of varying tastes. Some people vibe strongly with twitter while others like the slow-paced Facebook, or LinkedIn. No matter what network you decide to use make sure to commit. Adopt a long term approach. You can more easily connect with individuals if you open up channels of communication on a daily basis through different avenues. Just focus on one channel to become a master through that particular marketing stream. Videos are popular on all social sites, so open up accounts and show up daily.

Promote Other People Aggressively

By promoting other people’s videos you promote yourself. Imagine the law of sowing and reaping. Whatever you give out returns to you with ease. Keep this idea in mind as you use social media sites to spread the word about your videos. After promoting people on a persistent basis a number of individuals promote you in return. This is sowing and reaping at work, as what you put out for an extended period of time returns to you with ease.

Think of Eye Catching Titles

Creating a high energy video with a horrible title cancels out your good work. You spent all that time putting on a super presentation and now nobody clicks through on Facebook or Google Plus. Put out only the best titles. Think through your titles. Focus on “How to” or “4 Simple Steps” type titles as individuals simly want their problems to be solved. People tune in to receive a solution, or to be entertained. Spend at least 5 to 10 minutes pondering titles before you publish your videos.

Hit Your Networks Daily

Social media marketing is effective if you hit up social networks daily. People appreciate videos they see on a daily basis, as your persistent message soon programs individuals to respond. Upload at least 1 to 3 videos weekly and promote these videos daily on sites like LinkedIn.

You can only succeed on social sites if you maintain an active presence. Forget the one and done types who are quick flashes in the pan. Show up daily. Make an impact.

Maintain a Transparent Profile

You get clicks if you are transparent on social sites. Nobody cares about a Facebook user who hides away, or a twitter user who publishes their content, and talks successes, but never talks failures. You trust someone who shares their entire story, complete with struggles and hard times. Share it all.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who discusses various topics related to online and offline video marketing; she recommends you learn more here about DVD replication services for your video marketing needs.