Steps to change your website hosting service

For the proper working of a website the domain hosting service providers plays an important role. The hosting service you choose should be offering you reliable as well as affordable hosting services. Sometime however users end up choosing a wrong hosting service provider. In such circumstances there arises a need to change the hosting service. Well problem is that not every user is able to change the hosting on their own and they need the professional support. This is also important as if you mess up with the setting of the hosting from your website’s control panel then there are chances your website may get down.

For easing up the task for changing the domain hosting service, here we are going to provide all the steps. First of you the change settings depend on the type of the website you are willing to host. There are mainly two kinds of websites one without a database and the other one with a database. We are going to provide you change setting features for both.

For websites without databases

  1. Choose the second hosting service and create an account with it.
  2. In the account with the new hosting service upload your website and check if it’s working.
  3. Now login to your own old domain account and check for the domain server names. It is something like this
  4. Change the old server name with the new server names from your new accounts.
  5. It will take around 24-48 hours for your new account to start working.
  6. Once your new account starts working delete your old hosting account.

For websites with Databases

  1. Start with the first two steps as mentioned above.
  2. Now in the third step you need to download your old data base on your PC and create its backup. This is very important to ensure no data is lost during transfer.
  3. Now create a new database on the new server with the same name. Use the downloaded database backup file to refresh your new database.
  4. Once done continue with the steps 3 to 6 as mentioned above.

These are the steps for transferring your websites to new hosting services.