Sound, color, 3D … what is the next hop?

In this Century, Movies Plays very Important role in every Common Man’s Life. Currently, There are amy sources to Enjoy Films Like free Movies download can be good option from Internet or Enjoy New releases in Cinemas. The technical leaps in the film world have provided this through sound, color, three-dimensional … what awaits around the corner?
The technical leaps in the film world have provided this through sound, color, three-dimensional … what awaits around the corner?

Throughout the history of cinema we could say that there are two major technical leaps that have led to the cinema as today we know it. The sound and color However, we cannot ignore that the stereoscopic technique or 3D also It has opened space in the rooms, although with less impact (at the moment it is added, an addition, a subtraction whose absence no option).

The sound possible to develop more complex scripts, color gave another dimension to photography ribbons and 3D has served to bring the viewer to the events occurring on the screen … But what could be the next technological leap in the cinema?

Better 3D
We have said that 3D is one of those technical jumps which mark the history of film, however, has not really impacted we expect even more powerful 3D, more full of life than the typical element that we believe will hitting but an environment in which we enter, an evolution of Avatar , who rescued the 3D and put in vogue. And without glasses. Annoying glasses to enjoy this technique throw more than one step back. And although has not succeeded, the road has marked Nintendo’s 3DS, 3D itself, but without mediators. One important key thing is quality, currently Mp4 movies formats are the best in Quality.

The fourth wall
To be exact, rather a second wall . Imagine the protagonist hears a noise and looks to the left, but instead of changing flat, if the viewer looks at the left there can see the source of the shock of the protagonist. The walls and ceiling of the cinemas are wasted. It is true that most lose us half of the film (or at least all that alternative section shown around the screen), as custom would expect us an opposed flat and not hiding our right murderer 9
Special effects live
Involve several senses. This currently is just another attraction in amusement parks, might one day be part of the supply of large commercial theaters. Wind, water, tremors, odors, cold or heat passing … are multiple situations that could play a movie theater to match what you see on screen the viewer sees and feels.

Interactive movies
It has been rumored several times with the possibility that a film with multiple endings and tell the public of the living vote to decide what will happen. Well, the alternate endings well as extra editions on Blu-ray, but decide the final conclusion we guts before it happens … obvious why things have not prospered. However, do we imagine a movie-experience to be decided in real time several turns for the plot of it? interactive creations born for this purpose, no 3D postproduction, color film or record an alternate ending, but projects the birth of a new creative art and entertainment.

Some cinemas have begun to take the initiative to avoid closure. A system of monthly / quarterly / annual installments or by 5, 10 or 20 films, could attract a larger audience and gain greater profitability rooms. Yes, this is not a measure affecting the cinema itself, but its theatrical distribution is an essential part of the industry, and his delicate health requires measures once popcorn have fallen short.