Social Media- The Latest, Much Important SEO Component in 2014


Summary: Social media is surely an important pillar of SEO in the latest year. But you need to understand how to use it effectively to have great social presence.

Two of the primary components of a powerful SEO strategy are still the same i.e. publishing high quality content and creating links. But in the year 2014, the third important element that will join the two pillars of SEO is social media. Social media was basically not around when SEO first came but now it is pervasive across all sectors and provides the means to enjoy distribution, reach and the ability to share. In turn, this offers search engines and readers with latest metrics to measure quality. Due to this, the social signals are fastest rising ranking factor and the business owners who fail to understand this are left in the dust by the competitors.

Popular Social media networks

While Twitter and Facebook still dominate the scene of social media, the previous year has seen the actual rise in diverse types of social media networks. Instagram and Vine have also seen great growth, increasing the overall competition through mobile video shares. Pinterest has even been in popularity, driving a considerable amount of traffic all across the web. Also, Snapchat has now become highly famous amongst the youth. As the single service social media sites continue to dominate, it becomes crucial for brands to actually diversify the social media presence and thus engage with the customers across the popular platforms.

Social media strategy is indeed different for every company, as per the target market and what it is actually interested in. due to this, not all available media channels can be an advantage to each company. It is crucial to find where the target audience is actually hanging out over the net and to therefore concentrate efforts on those networks only.

But to use social media in best way possible, you need to keep certain things in mind. These include the following:

Creating a game plan

In case you have no execution plan, your content is going to fall through cracks. Set a limitation on the number of tweets or posts you will publish every day. This number can easily be adjusted as required but having some number to hit, even as small as 5 tweets or comments per day offers you the benchmark and goal at very least.

Giving great customer service

If any visitor tweets at the handle or posts on Facebook page but does not get a response, his or her trust is totally lost. Because of lack of communication, dissatisfied potential customers will turn to your competitors. On the other side, when you offer a nice response in timely way, the visitor gets flattered by your response and customer support.

Google+ is important

Many people may be raising their eyebrow but Google+ is surely very important and is not going anywhere anytime soon. The truth is that it is becoming more and more crucial for the businesses to engage actively and grow the circles on the platform. Thus, when you search on Google, you will see that Google+ is almost everywhere. In case your company is actively posting on Google+, you will definitely get free ad space when the users search for your business on Google.

So, with all this and much more, you need to make sure that you make a careful social media plan if you wish to be on top in 2014 and for years to come.