Should I Upgrade My Current Windows To Windows 10?

Windows 10You know, Microsoft has officially rolled out Windows 10 to all users around the world in the last week. And now the company claims over 14 million active users now using Windows 10, an amazing archive.

However, there are a lot of users still thinking about taking the upgrade or should to wait for a few more months. Of course, they have their own reasons to not upgrade immediately like afraid bugs, favorite app compatibility or even not necessary at the moment.

In case you have upgraded to Windows 10, you will see there are a lot of new features, such as the Cortana voice assistant, Edge internet browser as well as the Windows Hello security system. Windows 10 has best security system with many ways to protect your computer from unauthorized, like facial recognition, fingerprint or iris scanning. If you don’t know how to setup Windows Hello, follow the instruct to learn more.

The other important reason that users choose to wait and not upgrade to Windows 10 is afraid of viruses and malware. Indeed, many users have reported the antivirus software they have used is not compatible with Windows 10, and then they must uninstall the software and wait for the update. So, it’s not safe for your computer and it might affected by some kinds of viruses or adware. In this case, I suggest you use one of the best adware removal tool from this list to avoid damage to your computer.

Moreover, you might think your current hardware of your computer does meet quality of Windows 10 and when you upgrade to it, the computer may run slow and hard to work. To help you clear this question, Windows 10 is optimized to run on the low profile hardware system and it would be good to install on your computer, even you have a low hardware profile. You can also disable unwanted features to speed up your computer.