Seagate demos 480MB/s helium-based Exos X14 HDD

Several days prior Seagate declared that it would be exhibiting its most recent HDD innovation at the Open Compute Project Summit in San Jose California. In a public statement it concentrated on another item – the 3.5-inch 14TB limit helium-based Exos X14 HDD. Attractions of the new undertaking stockpiling drive would incorporate “the industry’s least power utilization, littlest impression, and best execution in its class,” said Seagate. Tom’s Hardware secured Seagate’s news at the OCP U.S. Summit 2018 a couple of hours prior, with additionally fascinating insights about the up and coming Exos arrangement of drives.

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At the show Seagate guaranteed its Exos drives can accomplish 480 MB/s of successive throughput because of the utilization of its most recent actuator innovation named ‘Mach.2’. HEXUS first detailed upon Seagate’s multi actuator execution leap forward back in December. The cited execution figure, I don’t know whether there was a genuine showing, “is more than double the standard 235 MB/s of the speediest 7,200-RPM venture HDDs,” noticed Tom’s Hardware. Contrasted with industry driving 15K HDDs, Exos drives are still 60 for every penny speedier.

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Another vital part of the Exos drives touched upon at the show concerned unwavering quality. HAMR (Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording) is a generally new innovation where small lasers warm the account surface to more than 400Ā°C for a brief moment. The fascination is that this procedure offers extended account limit (up to 2TB for every square inch) yet there were, naturally, worries about the warmth based tech being utilized as a part of terms of continuance and dependability.

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Seagate says that it has outperformed industry gauges in unwavering quality with its HAMR usage. “HAMR-imbued recording heads are fit for exchanging information for 6,000 hours, or in excess of 3.2 petabytes of information,” reports Tom’s Hardware – said to be 20x more solid than industry standard account heads.

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Seagate Exos arrangement drives utilizing Mach.2 and HAMR are in the hands of driving clients as of now yet we don’t have any information with respect to more extensive accessibility and estimating.

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