How can you be sure you get the right SEO specialist for your brand new website?

Picture the situation, you have a brand new website build by a web design company, its an all singing all dancing website as some might say. The website is your most powerful marketing tool, which leads you onto the decision of who is going to take care of the SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation is a process outlined by an SEO Specialist as getting your website to rank highly in the organic search results of Google UK and the other popular search engines. Getting a consultant for your website is something that should not be taken lightly, the most important thing is that you get an expert that you can trust that is willing to answer all your questions when it comes to the optimisation of your website.

One common misconception is that the search engine optimisation only takes place on your website itself and some people may consider it witchcraft as to what the consultants actually do with their time. A few steps have been outlined below which show what an SEO expert must look at on a monthly or even weekly basis when ensuring your website is not only user friendly but generates leads and sales like it is supposed to.

1- Article Marketing – This is a process whereby a specialist creates stand alone content about your particular brand, it is called article marketing because not only does Google quite fancy new content but it also interacts with users to promote sharing of the site.

2- Link Earning (or building tut tut) – Link earning is providing media that people will link to, Links are important to Google and the anchor text distribution is something that can make or break a website. An SEO specialists job would be to make sure you have enough branded links.

3- Competitor Analysis – This is the process whereby your hired SEO guy will look at your competitors backlinks and ensure that they are not getting any juice that your websites not getting, this could lead onto outreach emails targeting sites that are likely to feature your website.

Hopefully you should be a bit more in the know when it comes to search engine optimisation to ensure your website is successful both on and off-site.