Custom Top-Level Web Domains Are Coming

After the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) started accepting the applications for the latest top-level web domains within last year, a good number of organizations and companies scrambled to plan for their break away from the “” world. This escape was so that they could adopt the new domain possibilities, for example, “” or “”. Most of these organizations and companies want to drop the “” domain to something new and fresh.

Nearly two thousand organizations submitted their application for 1,400 top-level custom web domains. However, it has not yet been known the exact time when the new web addresses will be issued, and this is not yet known until now. Fadi Chehade, the CEO of ICANN had an interview with the Associated Press and told them that the very first of the new custom web domains will begin to appear on the web around mid this year. This would be followed by a slow but sure release all through the remaining part of 2013. In other words, once the first appearance of these new domains happens, they will gradually be released throughout 2013.

ICANN will start the process with the non-English domains. This will then be followed by the release of English domains which have only been alleged by just a single applicant, such as .airbus for the aircraft producer or .acer for the technology business, in the weeks that follow. The domains that have been applied for by more than a single applicant, for example .technology, will take much longer before they are released. This is because ICANN will have to take time and decide who among the several applicants receives the domains.

New York City’s Chief Digital Officer, Rachel Haot said in a recent presentation that was held in the City of New York that she is expecting the city to be having the .nyc web domain towards the end of 2013 or by early 2014. The City of New York will make .nyc accessible to the residents and local businesses as an exemplar of a potential usage for the new web domains. With this provision, residents as well as local businesses will now boast of having a “” address. Many people are very excited about this and they are eagerly waiting for the .nyc domain to be released so that they can start using it.

Organizations and companies that have made applications for the top-level web domains had to pay out a one-time cost of 185,000 US dollars and will be landed a fee of 25,000 US dollars every year to help in maintaining ownership of the domain. If for any reason, a company or organization fails to pay the annual fee for ownership maintenance, they risk losing the ownership. The trademark owners who decide against the registration of a new top-level web domain but they still want to secure their brand will be required to pay a fee of 150 US dollars every year. This fee is used for the purpose of protecting their namesake.

The opening of application process was in January, 2012 and was closed the following April. A full list of the applied-for top-level web domains is accessible at ICANN.

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