Build Quality Websites with IM Creator for Free

Creating a website is no longer a difficult job thanks to website builder tools. In the past, it was impossible to create a website without knowing at least one programming language, but nowadays internet technologies are so advanced that you can use a simple application to manually create your website’s layout, design and pick its features. I have tried many website builders, but I won’t be exaggerating if I say that the best tool so far is IM Creator. This website builder is one of the best, because it comes with a wide range of features, pre-made templates and many other bonus options which you’ll find useful.


IMCreator is a great tool and I think that if you use it properly, you can create a website that looks better than the websites made by professional web designers. Stop paying for expensive website creations services and take advantage of the most advanced website builder. IMCreator:

IM Creator; a Great Choice for Web Designers

Web designers know how difficult it can be to meet deadlines, especially if you are working on multiple projects at the same time. With the help of IMCreator, you can greatly enhance the speed of your services and provide your clients with their ready product in a shorter amount of time. Web design is made easy with IMCreator and thanks to the pre-made templates you can even find an inspiration for your next big project.


IM Creator Offers Pre-made Quality Templates

Even with the help of such a tool it might be too difficult to build a website from scratch. Thankfully, IMCreator’s developers have thought of this problem and they added a set of pre-made templates to their tool. You can use this website to quickly launch a website or you can use them as a foundation to create a custom template based on them. Personally, I think that using a template as an inspiration is a great way to come up with a truly unique website layout and design.


Enjoy a User-friendly Interface


Simplicity is one of the most important qualities of website builders. Most of these tools are used by users who are not familiar with computers, so they need a simple and easy-to-use application. IMCreator is exactly this – it features a user-friendly interface, a drag and drop editor, ready contact forms, galleries, slide-shows, transition effects, video players, audio players and other useful features. All of these excellent functions are just one click away and they don’t need any complex configuration.

Can be Used to Create a CMS

Many website builders are only able to create static websites. However, IMCreator gives you more than that – thanks to the helpful features integrated in this website builder, you can create and launch a functional, reliable and secure content management system. The CMS also features an administrator panel which you can use to control the settings, content and users on your website.

Provides You with a Reliable Hosting & Domain Solution

Don’t bother searching for different hosting companies and reading reviews of their services. IMCreator offers an affordable and reliable hosting plan and a cheap domain name. I checked out their offers and I guarantee that their hosting solution is a great choice for a medium-sized website. Their domain names are also very affordable and you get a .com name for as low as 10$/year.


IM Creator is Perfectly Compatible with All Browsers and Devices


Responsive design layouts are the biggest web design trend at the moment and it seems like the creators of IMCreator know this. Their tool won’t just help you create a unique website – it will also implement a responsive web design that looks great under different browsers, devices and resolutions.


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